Conway’s Game of Life, or simply Life, is a famous computer simulation that beautifully demonstrates the concept of emergent complexity, the idea that complex systems can emerge from a small set of very simple rules.

I wrote this implementation of Life using HTML’s Canvas tag, JavaScript and a little bit of AngularJS. The code for this is available on Github.

Play Conway’s Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life in Canvas+JS

Conway’s Game of Life in Canvas+JS

STL Crimeline

Crime News Aggregator

St. Louis Crimeline automatically aggregates the latest crime news from local media and displays links to the stories in a responsive, mobile-friendly format.

Crimeline is built with 100% open-source software. The back-end is written in Python. The stories are aggregated using the Scrapy screen scraping and web crawling framework, which feeds items into a SQLite database and Django-powered website. The front-end is handled by Twitter’s Bootstrap framework.

St. Louis Crimeline is an open-source project. The code that runs this website is available on Github.

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Visual demo of great Google web fonts



Non-API script to download all Instragram photos from any public profile.


I was a big fan of Instagram, but when I switched phones I realized just how hard it is to get a copy of those photos you uploaded. So, I wrote a Python program that automatically downloads a specific number of photos from any public Instagram profile.

Unlike other solutions, InstaRaider does not rely on the Instagram API. Using Selenium’s WebDriver to automate a browser session, InstaRaider gets around all of the road blocks the fine folks at Instagram have put in place when it comes to downloading photos.

Check Out InstaRaider on Github


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